Nakon što je gledaocima poželeo dobro veče, legenadrni teniser i dežurna "svađalica" sa borilišta širom sveta tokom dvadesetog veka, podelio je kroz pesmu, u bluz aranžmanu, svoju ideju o ukidanju zagrevanja pre svakog meča.
Pesma kantautora Džona Mekinroa:
Rolan Garos od 30. maja na Eurosportu
29/05/2021 AT 08:40
I d’like to make a suggestion
One that may not be popular at all
Let’s get rid of the present day warm up
Let’s not hit any balls at all.
Let’s be inspired by boxing
Did you see Mayweather-Pacquiao?
Yes the fight was boring
But the warm up was strong
The anticipation was amazing
People were so psyched
I was in awe
Come on! we are just tennis players
We are not laying our lives on the line at the start.
So if you want to make the sport more exciting…
We have to start thinking more out of the box.
Thank you and good night.
Nedelja tenisa na Eurosportu
23/05/2021 AT 15:20
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07/02/2021 AT 14:25